Spring and Babies...rebirth and life!

What makes spring seem closer than ever? The birth of a child. My friends became grandparents today to a sweet little baby girl. I'm not envious of them at all because my own daughter brings my birthday gift in April, a grandson! Okay, well I might be a little jealous that they got a head start, but who cares? I can practically feel their joy from here where I sit.

I heard bad news about a friend from school today. She's going to have a double mastectomy, chemo, and radiation. And in that you see the balance of life. As an author, I use my emotions ( a wide variety at that ) to offer to readers a rollercoaster of tears and joy, fear and the thrill of the chase.

Life is like that. One minute you feel so sad for a friend or relative, or even a country like Haiti for that matter, then one tiny life will lift you up and bring you to the forefront of bliss.

May all your joys make the sad things in life easier to deal with. If the tears I bring you are happiness, then I've done my job...and well.

Blessings Abound
Franny Armstrong-ParaNovelGirl


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