Thursday, September 16, 2010

Meet Erin Bond...She B Jumpin'

When I took the assignment, I had no idea what I was getting myself into. Sure, I saw Brandon Anderson in photos from his files, but they didn’t do him justice. He has this lop-sided grin that sets my heart pounding and makes me weak in the knees. Brandon could well be the brains behind the case I’ve been sent to investigate. He acted strange when I first saw him after spraining my ankle in a jump, the first skydiving accident I’ve ever had, thanks to the drugged up tandem jumper I placed my trust in.

At least having an injury gave me an ‘in’ with the skydiving crew that Brandon commands. The strangest thing was that when I tried to get...shall I say, ‘closer’, to Brandon, he ran like a jackrabbit from a wolf. Confused and not a little hurt by his reaction to my come on, I didn’t understand until he told me something I found difficult to believe. He told me that I was going to die...and so was he...

Extrasensory Elements Series Book 2-I B Jumpin'
by Franny Armstrong
Paranormal Romantic Suspense
Rated HOT
412 pages to purchase.

Does love truly come from heaven? Brandon Anderson sure thought so when the woman who’d haunted his dreams for years dropped from the sky and into his arms. As a professional skydiver, Brandon manages a drop zone where danger lurks and he must use his psychic abilities to protect not only his clients, but Erin Bond who is meant to be his life mate.

Undercover and loving the chance to get close to the enigmatic man, Erin’s job is to investigate Brandon as a potential leader in a drug ring. Soon, Erin becomes irresistibly attracted to Brandon. For the first time in her life, she must open her heart and allow herself to love. Fear of losing him is the only thing holding her back. Yet, his gift tells them she’s slated to die with a bullet in her back, with him following right behind.

Extrasensory Elements Series Book 2-I B Jumpin’ will have you on the edge of your seat as you discover the world of psychic abilities, love, and adventure that knows no bounds.


After they‘d eaten, Brandon left Erin alone for a while so he could attend to business. The final jumpers were done and everyone was packing up for the day. All the customers had left in high spirits. It had been a successful day, except for what had happened to Erin.

Ripper stood in the office leaning against the desk with his arms crossed in defiance. He stood close to six feet tall, wiry, and arrogant. His spiked, muddy brown hair and matching brown eyes mirrored his bad attitude.

Brandon wanted to deck the man so badly that his entire body was stiff with tension, fists clenched until his knuckles were white.

"You son of a bitch! I gave you fair warning the last time that if it happened again you would be out of here before you could blink. You‘re fired! Pack up your

things and get the hell out of the drop zone before I pick you up and throw you out."Brandon‘s voice was low and harsh.

Staring back at Brandon through narrowed eyes, Ripper waited a moment before he spoke. The two men hadn‘t got along since the first time they‘d met and even less now.

"I don‘t know what the hell you‘re talking about. She only hurt her foot 'cause she‘s a newby. We landed just fine."

The man‘s unfounded defiance only fueled Brandon‘s anger. He tried his best to keep his temper under control, and replied, "You know exactly what I‘m talking about. You were high on more than adrenaline today. You were stoned. I don‘t give a damn if you want to kill yourself, but the customers are our responsibility and you‘ve endangered them for the last time. Now get out!"

Although Brandon‘s voice was calm and in control, Ripper acted like he‘d physically attacked him and took a swing at Brandon. His expression turned to surprise when he found himself lying flat on his back, holding his jaw in his hand.As he shook his hand out to relieve the pain, Brandon stood ready for Ripper to attack again.

Instead, Ripper slowly climbed to his feet and surprised Brandon when he began to laugh.

"You have no idea what you just did, pal. Consider yourself a dead man."

Ripper straightened his jacket and dusted his pants off. As though he knew he couldn‘t take Brandon, Ripper curled up his lip, his eyes narrowed again. "You‘d better remember this face, buddy, because you‘re definitely going to see it again."

"Don‘t count on it. The only reason you are still standing here right now and not sitting in a jail cell under drug possession charges is that I‘m giving you the chance to run. Don‘t bother trying any of the other drop zones to look for a job. I‘m going to make sure you‘re banned for life from working on any of them."

Prepared to fight if necessary, Brandon opened the door, keeping his gaze on Ripper while Frisker entered with another man.

"Make sure this piece of slime leaves the zone immediately." Brandon moved away from the door. With his thumb, he pointed back over his shoulder. "Out!" he barked.

Though he grinned, Ripper shot Brandon a look filled with pure venom and left the room with a carefree swagger. Anderson will get his.

Confident, he promised himself that it would be soon. I’m going to make sure that I’m there to watch while my friends take care of Anderson, that’s for sure. He kept walking, climbed in his car and roared out of the driveway, leaving the two men dogging his steps choking on dust.

Suddenly sniffing, he rubbed his itchy nose, needing another hit. The last one was wearing off. Once he‘d taken care of that, he had plans to make.


For the next hour, Brandon called each of the parachuting clubs throughout Canada and the USA. Ripper would find that he was unwelcome at any professional association. Endangering customer‘s lives was taboo in the skydiver‘s circles and jumping while intoxicated or stoned was not tolerated This was the first time Brandon had seen the proof rather than hear it from another party.

He knew that there was a serious drug problem in the field and did his best to keep his group clear of it, but sometimes abusers slipped by him. After giving them the chance to make good and stay clean, it was unfortunate and very frustrating for Brandon when incidents like Erin‘s accident happened.

Diligent in making sure everyone followed the rules set by the associations his crew had an exceptional record for safety. Although he was considered a daredevil Brandon never took chances with his own life, or anyone else‘s. Safety came first above all else. He believed it was much safer to jump with his crew than it was to drive a car on the highway in Toronto. The odds were definitely in favor of the jumpers.

After he‘d closed and locked up the office, Brandon headed back to see how his guest was doing, excited about spending the rest of the day with her.

She fascinated him like no other woman had ever done. It was difficult to clear his mind of the anger he felt with Ripper, but he did his best. Although he usually stopped at the clubhouse for a beer with his crew, he found he was looking forward to spending the evening with his beautiful roommate.

He took her keys out of his pocket and searched for her car in the lot. She was going to have to stay for a few days, but luckily had brought a suitcase with her. Erin told him that she was from Toronto, but not much else about her personal life. When he said he would bunk with Frisker for the next few days, she wouldn‘t allow him to. She said she didn‘t mind sharing the trailer if he didn‘t. Who in their right mind would turn down the chance to spend a few nights with Erin?

Spotting her black Pontiac Grand Prix, he opened the trunk and pulled out her bag. The moment he touched the handle of the suitcase, he stopped cold in his tracks as a vision overcame him like a tidal wave. The world faded away as he became caught in the grip of the images that hit him hard.

Franny Armstrong-ParaNovelGirl
Extrasensory Elements Series Book 1-Author's Demise
Book 2-I B Jumpin'
Tropical Balm
Forever Blowing Bubbles
Small Packages-A Christmas Story
7th Eye Private Investigations Book 1-The Mystic Touch COMING SEPT 30, 2010

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Brandon Anderson loves taking chances...

Hi, I'm Brandon, Lana Anderson's twin brother. Her book was Extrasensory Elements Series Book 1-Author's Demise. Sure, she's a few minutes older than me, but I'm much taller and she doesn't have my daredevil attitude.

Imagine my surprise when, after many years of being single, I found the woman of my dreams who fell right out of the sky and into my arms. That's right. I'm a professional skydiver. Erin Bond surprised the hell out of me when she took off her helmet after being hurt when she landed. The fact that I'd hired the idiot who tandem jumped with her and caused the sprained ankle in the first place didn't help.

The only problem I had with keeping Erin in my life was the visions I've had of her being shot in the back...just before I too die.

Extrasensory Elements Series Book 2-I B Jumpin' comes out August 5th. You won't want to miss this one, believe me. It's a killer! on the books page for more information and an excerpt.

Friday, June 18, 2010

Braxton Thorne Is Pure Magic

I'm a tough, business-minded wizard who never takes no for an answer. In my adult life, I never laugh. Thorne Enterprises is more important to me than anything and women mean nothing to me but for a few moments of pleasure. That is, until I met a witch with firey red hair who landed me in a Dumpster with her and made me laugh. At that moment I fell head over heels in love with her.

The first time I saw her, she and her girlfriend landed right in the middle of my bedroom. Women being in my room wouldn't have been an issue normally, but she broke through every spell and safeguard I ever made to protect my home with her magic. When they disappeared, leaving only their giggles behind, I decided right then and there that I had to find her.

The story begins there. It's a tale of joy and love as well as frustration when our two families rekindle a forty year old feud. No one but my mother and Gem's uncle know what started the battle in the first place, but when Gem and I fell in love, our siblings decided to break us up at all costs.

If there is one thing I've learned since meeting the woman who stole my heart, it's that love in itself is a mystical spell that cannot be broken!

Read our story: FOREVER BLOWING BUBBLES Now available at

Saturday, June 5, 2010

Meet Gemini Knight...She loves Bubbles!

Hello everyone!
I love being a witch, though I'm sorely lacking in the skills required to make spells work without backfiring. The best one I ever messed up was the time I transported my best friend, Keira and I out of a bar and landed in heaven...literally.

The hunky guy stood and stared back at us as though stunned to see two women in his opulent room but it was my best guess that he was no virgin. The fact that he wasn't wearing anything but water droplets didn't bother me a bit. HAHAHA

If only my sisters and his brothers would stay out of our love lives, life would be grand, but as luck would have it, everyone, including a greedy wizard, wanted to keep us apart. But, magic has a way of taking over and making things right.

If you laugh half as much as I did during my story, you'll have a great time. You might want to keep some tissues handy for the romance and a few tears now and then. Braxton Thorne is the most amazing wizard I've ever met. Life is just not complete without him.

Wipple Waddle....POOOF!
You never know what happens with an inept witch uses her magic, but half the fun is in trying.


Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Author's Demise heroine, Lana Anderson tells her side today!

Welcome to my world. I'm being stalked by a killer because I approve romance novels. Just because there are murder scenes in them, it doesn't give the creep the right to kill my authors using the same methods they write about nor to terrorize me.

When Brett Colton came into my life, I finally felt safe for the first time in months, yet even then, the psycho worked harder to increase my fears. Imagine finding things on your doorstep that sent willies up your spine and receiving quotes from Shakespeare to make your skin crawl.

Brett tends to distract me from all that and accepts me for who I am as well as enjoying my psychic abilities. That is, until he finds himself the recipricant of them. Then he gets pissed!

Yet when he kisses me my toes curl. He's such a passionate alpha male. I know he'll save me in the end, though I plan on saving him and everyone else who's in danger first. I guess we'll just have to wait and see if I survive long enough to share my life with him.

Extrasensory Elements Series Book 1-Author's Demise is available now at and by Franny Armstrong

You won't want to miss this paranormal romantic suspense. It might curl your toes too!

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

My HERO, Brett Colton Visits Us

Good day everyone. I suppose I should introduce myself first before we get down to the meat of my story. I'm an undercover cop, hired to protect the CEO of Brinkman-Bonnette Publishing from a Shakespeare quoting serial killer. It's my gut instinct that someone who works next to Lana Anderson is murdering the firms celebrated authors using the methods the authors write about in their books.

The first time I met Lana, I had no idea who she was since she was standing in a lobby of the building that housed the Brinkman-Bonnette offices. I was trying to escape from a previous client's goon who was following me. To look inconspicuous, I asked a beautiful woman if she could help me. When she said yes, I... Well, needless to say, you must read my story to find out how it went. Let's just say it set off fireworks in both of us.

When we were introduced by Roger Brinkman, her boss and best friend, I was pleasantly surprised. Sparks of anger flew from her angry gaze, nearly burning me with their intensity. The angry red flush in her cheeks turned me on like no other. She was hotter than a cat's paws on a tin roof in summer.

Extrasensory Elements Series Book 1-Author's Demise is the beginning of a wild journey of stories that will knock your socks off. My partner, Jessie Chan, and I will battle the worst criminals known and help others save the day. Book 2-I B Jumpin' is next in line where you'll meet Lana's brother Brandon. He's crazy for skydiving and, as a professional, meets the woman of his psychic dreams when she literally falls into his arms from the sky.

Hope you have the courage to read on. It's a rollercoaster ride of paranormal suspense you won't want to miss. The romance is hotter than Hades too. Yummy.

Oh, crap! I have to go after Lana again. She's a feisty woman who literally keeps me hopping.

Now available in eBook AND print at AND AMAZON!

Sunday, February 14, 2010


If anyone would care to be a guest on my blog,, I'm blogging each week on characters from their books or ideas of what stories they'd like to read. The idea is to BE the character, whether it's the hero, heroine, or villain. Spread the word. It will be so much fun to act out the story using the character instead of simply telling the tale in a few paragraphs.

For readers, create your own villain, hero or heroine and give them a storyline. Let them decide which psychic gift or special ability they should have. This will be fun for all.

For example:

Extrasensory Elements Series Book 1-Author's Demise

Our evil villain is stalking Lana Anderson, CEO of Brinkman-Bonnett Publishing, but her protector, Brett Colton, is watching over her like a hawk. How can you get past such a cautious cop? Let's see if our villain can figure it out...

"No one has any idea that I'm the true hero of the story. I quote Shakespeare to show people that they need to stop writing about murder. Killing them is payment for their evil ways."

"Brett Colton thinks he's such a smart cop, protecting Lana Anderson from me, but I've got news for him. No one can stop me. I'm too smart for them all."

"Ever since I killed all those authors, Colton sticks with her like glue. The authors deserved to die after creating such wicked murder scenes. What better way to stop other authors than for them to lose their lives with the same method they wrote about in their books. Nasty, evil authors! They cannot live and spread their filth anymore. I will not allow it. Mother wouldn't allow it either."

Can our villain stop Lana from publishing the wicked novels or will Brett stop him or her? Lana has the special gift of telekinesis which she thinks gives her an edge over the killer, but even though it keeps Brett hopping to catch up with her, she might just have to give her life to save him and all the others from the twisted mind of the murderer.

Will her gift give our heroine the ability to overcome evil and allow her and Brett to have a Happily Ever After?

If you could have a psychic gift, which one would you use to stop a killer?

Read all about it on March 4th, 2010 when Author's Demise releases from

Franny Armstrong-ParaNovelGirl

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Spring and Babies...rebirth and life!

What makes spring seem closer than ever? The birth of a child. My friends became grandparents today to a sweet little baby girl. I'm not envious of them at all because my own daughter brings my birthday gift in April, a grandson! Okay, well I might be a little jealous that they got a head start, but who cares? I can practically feel their joy from here where I sit.

I heard bad news about a friend from school today. She's going to have a double mastectomy, chemo, and radiation. And in that you see the balance of life. As an author, I use my emotions ( a wide variety at that ) to offer to readers a rollercoaster of tears and joy, fear and the thrill of the chase.

Life is like that. One minute you feel so sad for a friend or relative, or even a country like Haiti for that matter, then one tiny life will lift you up and bring you to the forefront of bliss.

May all your joys make the sad things in life easier to deal with. If the tears I bring you are happiness, then I've done my job...and well.

Blessings Abound
Franny Armstrong-ParaNovelGirl

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

How Many Books Can I Write In A Year?

Who knows, but I sure plan on pumping them out to clear out the millions of stories in my head. Having characters trying to break out at all hours of the day and night is hard on your sleep schedule. LOL

Please don't mention the voices to any doctors or I might end up in the paddywagon. I also write under three pseudonyms for different genres: paranormal romantic suspense/comedy fiction, non-fiction about environmental illness, and erotic romance. I just hope I won't get them mixed up. HAHAHA

This year I plan on having many guests on this blog site and welcome anyone who would like to join me, as long as its about books, and you have a great sense of humor when writing it because it's all about FUN.

I'm having a contest in February on for Red Rose Author's only to tell Kali Willows and I what the strangest, wackiest, weirdest way to social network is. We want authors to make us cry tears of mirth! The winner will receive a free copy of Wounded Spirits which Kali will be releasing on February 18th as well as a gift certificate to purchase books online at

Hope to see you there!