Meet Gemini Knight...She loves Bubbles!

Hello everyone!
I love being a witch, though I'm sorely lacking in the skills required to make spells work without backfiring. The best one I ever messed up was the time I transported my best friend, Keira and I out of a bar and landed in heaven...literally.

The hunky guy stood and stared back at us as though stunned to see two women in his opulent room but it was my best guess that he was no virgin. The fact that he wasn't wearing anything but water droplets didn't bother me a bit. HAHAHA

If only my sisters and his brothers would stay out of our love lives, life would be grand, but as luck would have it, everyone, including a greedy wizard, wanted to keep us apart. But, magic has a way of taking over and making things right.

If you laugh half as much as I did during my story, you'll have a great time. You might want to keep some tissues handy for the romance and a few tears now and then. Braxton Thorne is the most amazing wizard I've ever met. Life is just not complete without him.

Wipple Waddle....POOOF!
You never know what happens with an inept witch uses her magic, but half the fun is in trying.



  1. WTG, Gemini! True love will always find the way, with the bumps and the laughter!


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