Meet Erin Bond...She B Jumpin'

When I took the assignment, I had no idea what I was getting myself into. Sure, I saw Brandon Anderson in photos from his files, but they didn’t do him justice. He has this lop-sided grin that sets my heart pounding and makes me weak in the knees. Brandon could well be the brains behind the case I’ve been sent to investigate. He acted strange when I first saw him after spraining my ankle in a jump, the first skydiving accident I’ve ever had, thanks to the drugged up tandem jumper I placed my trust in.

At least having an injury gave me an ‘in’ with the skydiving crew that Brandon commands. The strangest thing was that when I tried to get...shall I say, ‘closer’, to Brandon, he ran like a jackrabbit from a wolf. Confused and not a little hurt by his reaction to my come on, I didn’t understand until he told me something I found difficult to believe. He told me that I was going to die...and so was he...

Extrasensory Elements Series Book 2-I B Jumpin'
by Franny Armstrong
Paranormal Romantic Suspense
Rated HOT
412 pages to purchase.

Does love truly come from heaven? Brandon Anderson sure thought so when the woman who’d haunted his dreams for years dropped from the sky and into his arms. As a professional skydiver, Brandon manages a drop zone where danger lurks and he must use his psychic abilities to protect not only his clients, but Erin Bond who is meant to be his life mate.

Undercover and loving the chance to get close to the enigmatic man, Erin’s job is to investigate Brandon as a potential leader in a drug ring. Soon, Erin becomes irresistibly attracted to Brandon. For the first time in her life, she must open her heart and allow herself to love. Fear of losing him is the only thing holding her back. Yet, his gift tells them she’s slated to die with a bullet in her back, with him following right behind.

Extrasensory Elements Series Book 2-I B Jumpin’ will have you on the edge of your seat as you discover the world of psychic abilities, love, and adventure that knows no bounds.


After they‘d eaten, Brandon left Erin alone for a while so he could attend to business. The final jumpers were done and everyone was packing up for the day. All the customers had left in high spirits. It had been a successful day, except for what had happened to Erin.

Ripper stood in the office leaning against the desk with his arms crossed in defiance. He stood close to six feet tall, wiry, and arrogant. His spiked, muddy brown hair and matching brown eyes mirrored his bad attitude.

Brandon wanted to deck the man so badly that his entire body was stiff with tension, fists clenched until his knuckles were white.

"You son of a bitch! I gave you fair warning the last time that if it happened again you would be out of here before you could blink. You‘re fired! Pack up your

things and get the hell out of the drop zone before I pick you up and throw you out."Brandon‘s voice was low and harsh.

Staring back at Brandon through narrowed eyes, Ripper waited a moment before he spoke. The two men hadn‘t got along since the first time they‘d met and even less now.

"I don‘t know what the hell you‘re talking about. She only hurt her foot 'cause she‘s a newby. We landed just fine."

The man‘s unfounded defiance only fueled Brandon‘s anger. He tried his best to keep his temper under control, and replied, "You know exactly what I‘m talking about. You were high on more than adrenaline today. You were stoned. I don‘t give a damn if you want to kill yourself, but the customers are our responsibility and you‘ve endangered them for the last time. Now get out!"

Although Brandon‘s voice was calm and in control, Ripper acted like he‘d physically attacked him and took a swing at Brandon. His expression turned to surprise when he found himself lying flat on his back, holding his jaw in his hand.As he shook his hand out to relieve the pain, Brandon stood ready for Ripper to attack again.

Instead, Ripper slowly climbed to his feet and surprised Brandon when he began to laugh.

"You have no idea what you just did, pal. Consider yourself a dead man."

Ripper straightened his jacket and dusted his pants off. As though he knew he couldn‘t take Brandon, Ripper curled up his lip, his eyes narrowed again. "You‘d better remember this face, buddy, because you‘re definitely going to see it again."

"Don‘t count on it. The only reason you are still standing here right now and not sitting in a jail cell under drug possession charges is that I‘m giving you the chance to run. Don‘t bother trying any of the other drop zones to look for a job. I‘m going to make sure you‘re banned for life from working on any of them."

Prepared to fight if necessary, Brandon opened the door, keeping his gaze on Ripper while Frisker entered with another man.

"Make sure this piece of slime leaves the zone immediately." Brandon moved away from the door. With his thumb, he pointed back over his shoulder. "Out!" he barked.

Though he grinned, Ripper shot Brandon a look filled with pure venom and left the room with a carefree swagger. Anderson will get his.

Confident, he promised himself that it would be soon. I’m going to make sure that I’m there to watch while my friends take care of Anderson, that’s for sure. He kept walking, climbed in his car and roared out of the driveway, leaving the two men dogging his steps choking on dust.

Suddenly sniffing, he rubbed his itchy nose, needing another hit. The last one was wearing off. Once he‘d taken care of that, he had plans to make.


For the next hour, Brandon called each of the parachuting clubs throughout Canada and the USA. Ripper would find that he was unwelcome at any professional association. Endangering customer‘s lives was taboo in the skydiver‘s circles and jumping while intoxicated or stoned was not tolerated This was the first time Brandon had seen the proof rather than hear it from another party.

He knew that there was a serious drug problem in the field and did his best to keep his group clear of it, but sometimes abusers slipped by him. After giving them the chance to make good and stay clean, it was unfortunate and very frustrating for Brandon when incidents like Erin‘s accident happened.

Diligent in making sure everyone followed the rules set by the associations his crew had an exceptional record for safety. Although he was considered a daredevil Brandon never took chances with his own life, or anyone else‘s. Safety came first above all else. He believed it was much safer to jump with his crew than it was to drive a car on the highway in Toronto. The odds were definitely in favor of the jumpers.

After he‘d closed and locked up the office, Brandon headed back to see how his guest was doing, excited about spending the rest of the day with her.

She fascinated him like no other woman had ever done. It was difficult to clear his mind of the anger he felt with Ripper, but he did his best. Although he usually stopped at the clubhouse for a beer with his crew, he found he was looking forward to spending the evening with his beautiful roommate.

He took her keys out of his pocket and searched for her car in the lot. She was going to have to stay for a few days, but luckily had brought a suitcase with her. Erin told him that she was from Toronto, but not much else about her personal life. When he said he would bunk with Frisker for the next few days, she wouldn‘t allow him to. She said she didn‘t mind sharing the trailer if he didn‘t. Who in their right mind would turn down the chance to spend a few nights with Erin?

Spotting her black Pontiac Grand Prix, he opened the trunk and pulled out her bag. The moment he touched the handle of the suitcase, he stopped cold in his tracks as a vision overcame him like a tidal wave. The world faded away as he became caught in the grip of the images that hit him hard.

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