Christmas Romance 2013

What is it about romance that makes love float through your veins like a wave of lightning.

The first and only time I fell in true love was when I met my husband. He isn't what I'd consider a romantic man, his idea of it was burping 'I love you', and that hasn't happened in many years. Do I miss it? Not so much.

I know he loves me, my hero, as he gets out of bed each day and goes to work to support us. He's a great man, even when he pisses me off. lol

How is it that love makes our heart sing? Is it by a touch, a sound, a simple smile?

What makes your heart sing?

This year, I strive for good health and a healthy romance with my one true love.

What more could you ask for when Christmas morning comes that a kiss under the mistletoe? Love comes in all shapes and sizes. I think I'll keep mine, burping or not.

Merry Christmas, my friends.
May you find a mistletoe with your names on it.

Franny Armstrong

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