The Winter blahs disappear when I write.

Since I write about tropical islands and places like Mexico. My characters get to be nice and warm as well as free of shovelling snow. I live in Ontario, Canada. We get four seasons, each one with beauty and variety. I look forward to the spring flowers after having my fill of snow.

When I write about the warmth of the places I talk about, I don't feel the cold. Of course sitting in my chair building my tales while next to a warm wood stove helps. I love to close my eyes and imagine how my characters move, smell the greenery, touch a smooth leaf, or listen to the birds and other animals singing in the rainforest.

How do you stay warm? Read Jinn & Toxic and enjoy a race through the Mexican rainforest. You'll feel the heat!


Connected to her identical twin sister through telepathy, Sergeant Jinn Dennison feels Juliette’s (Julie’s) pain when she’s shot in the chest while on a covert assignment in Mexico. Jinn wants to save her, but is bound by military orders to stay at her post. Of course she ignores the rule and goes AWOL, risking court martial to find and save Julie from certain death. Time is of the essence as Jinn is dying from an inoperable brain tumor which causes debilitating migraines.

Captain Tabor (Tab)‘Toxic’ McTavish runs an elite group of soldiers who work like ghosts getting into and out of their assignments without leaving a trace, however, this time a traitor in their midst has given them away and all goes awry. They are scattered and some of them have been captured in the rainforest south of Mexico City and must use their wits and strength to overcome obstacles and break free of the deadly enemy.

When Jinn and Tab meet, it's another challenge to be met. She's all business until she meets his eyes and they are thrown together in this military tale of true love.

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