Six years of professional writing. Ouch my fingers!

It's worth every cramp in my hands to type away on my stories and see them posted on the site! I'm so excited to have 'SMALL PACKAGES-A CHRISTMAS STORY' being released on December 10th. .What a great Christmas gift!

Paula and Derek are mature adults who find love and romance on the high seas after losing their beloved spouses. Only the fear of loving again keeps them apart...for all of five minutes after they meet on board a cruise ship in the Caribbean. How romantic is that?

This one is purely romance, my friends. It doesn't matter if you are 18 or 180 and want to read it, I'm sure it will light the fires of your heartstrings. I cried, I laughed, I sat on the edge of my seat while writing it. I fell in love with my characters. Writing is my greatest love, after my family of course.

What do you love about a good romance novel?

'SMALL PACKAGES-A CHRISTMAS STORY' releases on December 10th from

Merry Christmas!


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