My HERO, Brett Colton Visits Us

Good day everyone. I suppose I should introduce myself first before we get down to the meat of my story. I'm an undercover cop, hired to protect the CEO of Brinkman-Bonnette Publishing from a Shakespeare quoting serial killer. It's my gut instinct that someone who works next to Lana Anderson is murdering the firms celebrated authors using the methods the authors write about in their books.

The first time I met Lana, I had no idea who she was since she was standing in a lobby of the building that housed the Brinkman-Bonnette offices. I was trying to escape from a previous client's goon who was following me. To look inconspicuous, I asked a beautiful woman if she could help me. When she said yes, I... Well, needless to say, you must read my story to find out how it went. Let's just say it set off fireworks in both of us.

When we were introduced by Roger Brinkman, her boss and best friend, I was pleasantly surprised. Sparks of anger flew from her angry gaze, nearly burning me with their intensity. The angry red flush in her cheeks turned me on like no other. She was hotter than a cat's paws on a tin roof in summer.

Extrasensory Elements Series Book 1-Author's Demise is the beginning of a wild journey of stories that will knock your socks off. My partner, Jessie Chan, and I will battle the worst criminals known and help others save the day. Book 2-I B Jumpin' is next in line where you'll meet Lana's brother Brandon. He's crazy for skydiving and, as a professional, meets the woman of his psychic dreams when she literally falls into his arms from the sky.

Hope you have the courage to read on. It's a rollercoaster ride of paranormal suspense you won't want to miss. The romance is hotter than Hades too. Yummy.

Oh, crap! I have to go after Lana again. She's a feisty woman who literally keeps me hopping.

Now available in eBook AND print at AND AMAZON!


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