Author's Demise heroine, Lana Anderson tells her side today!

Welcome to my world. I'm being stalked by a killer because I approve romance novels. Just because there are murder scenes in them, it doesn't give the creep the right to kill my authors using the same methods they write about nor to terrorize me.

When Brett Colton came into my life, I finally felt safe for the first time in months, yet even then, the psycho worked harder to increase my fears. Imagine finding things on your doorstep that sent willies up your spine and receiving quotes from Shakespeare to make your skin crawl.

Brett tends to distract me from all that and accepts me for who I am as well as enjoying my psychic abilities. That is, until he finds himself the recipricant of them. Then he gets pissed!

Yet when he kisses me my toes curl. He's such a passionate alpha male. I know he'll save me in the end, though I plan on saving him and everyone else who's in danger first. I guess we'll just have to wait and see if I survive long enough to share my life with him.

Extrasensory Elements Series Book 1-Author's Demise is available now at and by Franny Armstrong

You won't want to miss this paranormal romantic suspense. It might curl your toes too!


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