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WOW, and I thought Christmas morning was exciting but finally seeing my first book published has brought tears to my eyes. Not only that, but I now have release dates for two more books! Can it get any better? Writing is a joy for me. I believe that my health is improving only because of the focus it takes to write. With a NEVER SURRENDER! NEVER GIVE UP! attitude, I keep on moving. Nothing can slow me down when my characters are in dire need, looking for a solution to a seemingly insurmountable crisis. Lost in the world of adventure and romance, I flow with the story. It gives me a sense of being able to overcome any problems in my life, including poor health. In my mind I'm well, I'm strong and fit, smart and able to take on any 'evil villain' and win. Even if the 'evil villian' is illness. Keep up the good fight! Great things happen to those who BELIEVE! Hugs Franny Armstrong-ParaNovelGirl