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Merry Holidays, or Happy Christmas?

There was a time when everyone said, Merry Christmas, and it was 'politically correct'. Now a days, we have changed it to 'Happy Holidays' to spare the smorgasbord of nationalities and religions that come from around the world. Is it technology that has made us more aware of the differences, or is it that we are packed so tightly into our social communities that we have to compromise? I, for one, don't mind. It's only when I trip over my words and start with Merry, ending up with Holidays, or perhaps Happy, then Christmas. It's been ingrained in me for over fifty years. Please forgive me if I don't get it right. This old dog is learning. Regardless of which way it's said, the sentiment is the same. Have a wonderful holiday week when friends and family come together in the spirit of love and friendship. There is nothing like it. Be safe, don't drink and drive, and watch out for reindeer. Franny Armstrong

Christmas Romance 2013

What is it about romance that makes love float through your veins like a wave of lightning. The first and only time I fell in true love was when I met my husband. He isn't what I'd consider a romantic man, his idea of it was burping 'I love you', and that hasn't happened in many years. Do I miss it? Not so much. I know he loves me, my hero, as he gets out of bed each day and goes to work to support us. He's a great man, even when he pisses me off. lol How is it that love makes our heart sing? Is it by a touch, a sound, a simple smile? What makes your heart sing? This year, I strive for good health and a healthy romance with my one true love. What more could you ask for when Christmas morning comes that a kiss under the mistletoe? Love comes in all shapes and sizes. I think I'll keep mine, burping or not. Merry Christmas, my friends. May you find a mistletoe with your names on it. Franny Armstrong