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Brandon Anderson loves taking chances...

Hi, I'm Brandon, Lana Anderson's twin brother. Her book was Extrasensory Elements Series Book 1-Author's Demise. Sure, she's a few minutes older than me, but I'm much taller and she doesn't have my daredevil attitude. Imagine my surprise when, after many years of being single, I found the woman of my dreams who fell right out of the sky and into my arms. That's right. I'm a professional skydiver. Erin Bond surprised the hell out of me when she took off her helmet after being hurt when she landed. The fact that I'd hired the idiot who tandem jumped with her and caused the sprained ankle in the first place didn't help. The only problem I had with keeping Erin in my life was the visions I've had of her being shot in the back...just before I too die. Extrasensory Elements Series Book 2-I B Jumpin' comes out August 5th. You won't want to miss this one, believe me. It's a killer! on the books page