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FREE read-White Trash Witch

Have you ever had 'one of those days'? Riley finds every day a challenge because her witchcraft isn't what it should be. She's simply a klutz who laughs all the time, no matter how wrong her spells go. She's the easiest woman in the world to love. The only things she doesn't want in a man is money and looks. She prefers to find someone who will be true to her after a bitter divorce with a handsome, well to do man. Ryder has been bitten by the divorce bug. Wealthy and handsome, he realizes he doesn't have a chance with Riley in the disguise of a balding, short man, but as a wizard, he keeps his new look, hoping that he can find someone who'd like him for himself, and not his money. When they get together, Riley and Ryder hit it off, but what will happen when she finds his true self. Can the lies between them heal the rift? White Trash Witch is a fun loving romp between two people who are gun shy when it comes to love. You can read it for FREE on