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If anyone would care to be a guest on my blog,, I'm blogging each week on characters from their books or ideas of what stories they'd like to read. The idea is to BE the character, whether it's the hero, heroine, or villain. Spread the word. It will be so much fun to act out the story using the character instead of simply telling the tale in a few paragraphs. For readers, create your own villain, hero or heroine and give them a storyline. Let them decide which psychic gift or special ability they should have. This will be fun for all. For example: Extrasensory Elements Series Book 1-Author's Demise Our evil villain is stalking Lana Anderson, CEO of Brinkman-Bonnett Publishing, but her protector, Brett Colton, is watching over her like a hawk. How can you get past such a cautious cop? Let's see if our villain can figure it out... "No one has any idea that I'm the true hero of the story. I quote Shakespeare to show people